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Product Details

Anti-static ceramic tile of DY6021P  is one of the types of anti-static ceramic tile.
It has the advantage that small amount of dust and hair used with sealing agent can meet the requirements of higher-level clean environment. Construction is simple, fast, suitable for all kinds of new and old buildings.



It won,t be influenced,and has permanent and stable anti-static Functions with body resistance and surface resistance between 1x105-1x109Ω)


It has excellent heat-resisitant performance and the  conductivity won,t change between -60。C-600。C


It is incomparably wear-resisting、acid-proofing、smeary resisting、flame retardancy and prevent penetration

It is made of ceramic,and never aging


It is green environmental products,and it is non-toxic、tasteless

And non-radiation


You can choose any design、color or type at ease


The dust capacity is low and it can meet higher requirements of clean environment when used with caulking agent

It canbe used in both new and old buidings as the construction is quite easy

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