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Shandong electric shield technology Co., Ltd., located in Shandong Province, Zibo City Zichuan economic development zone is set of anti electrostatic ceramic materials research and development, production, sales, construction in one of the high-tech enterprises, is anti electrostatic ceramic materials in the field of leading enterprises.

In 2012, the provincial science and Technology Department approved the establishment of "academician workstation", "Shandong Province anti-static Engineering Technology Center"; in 2012 April anti-static ceramic series products production line construction by the provincial government identified as "Shandong provincial key construction project"; in 2012 July by the provincial government identified as "Shan Dong province strategic emerging industry projects"; in 2012 October by the provincial SME Bureau identified as "Shandong Province enterprise technology innovation enterprise", and the establishment of the "Shandong Province enterprise technology R & D center"; 2014 December by the national development and Reform Commission identified as "a new type of functional ceramics industry regional agglomeration development pilot project"; in 2015 April won the "designer trust building material award". In May 2015 5 by Shandong provincial development and Reform Committee: Shandong Province Ceramic Engineering Research Center of electrostatic protection function. The anti-static ceramic tile invention patent was awarded the seventeenth China patent award of the company in November 2015.

The company has 19 national patents, is the national mandatory standards GB26539-2011 the anti electrostatic ceramic tiles, "the drafting of the main unit to participate in the drafting of national standards GB50944-2013 the anti electrostatic engineering construction and quality acceptance of norms", GB50462-2015 "data center infrastructure construction and quality acceptance norms", "prevent electrostatic floor general norms" (Draft).

The anti-static ceramic tile products by the Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology achievement appraisal "to fill the gaps, the technical performance at the international leading level".

The company's products have been widely used in national defense, aerospace, aviation, telecommunications, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, power, mining, finance and other fields of education.

Electric shield technology will be adhering to the "professional, responsible, stable, integrity" business philosophy, to provide quality products and professional service for our customers.

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